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Therapeutic Massage

Deep Tissue

Restoring fascia connection and flow, this massage focuses on releasing chronic tension in the muscle tissue, the tendons, and the deep fascia that surrounds your bones and joints as well as your muscles. The Deep Tissue massage integrates neuromuscular therapy through working on specific trigger points as well as working on adhesions, range of motion, and overall body wellness.

Energy Healing


Your Energy Healing massage focuses on following the living energy currents that can be experienced and altered through bodywork that connect the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the human body. This polarity therapy session identifies blockages in the chakras and “wireless anatomy.” Then, through connecting the energy between poles using a series of five protocols, it enables you to create fluid pathways and enjoy the free flow of energy that encourages a healthy feeling of mind and body.

Integrative Touch

An Integrative Touch massage therapy session empowers you to identify the source of discomfort through specific physical and energetic techniques. Through integrating modalities of massage, well-being practices, and energy work, your overall health improves due to creating space for new life choices, alternative paradigms, and balancing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functioning.


Hands-on Research

I have lately though more about my role as a massage therapist and how this experience can be embroidered with what I have done in the past for about 30 years. I am curious now about hands-on research is so important, and how my experience in working with people will open access to a different environments of social interactions. Like unique species in a new lab.

Movement Disorders

Other types of experiences with children living in social poverty, a type of poverty that is represented by the lack of physical affection in the face of an increase in physical abuse; for the material lack that condemns the suppression of their potentials and frustration of their senses and survival; the lack of care and the increase in environmental abuse; who participated in a circus and child development program based on resilience, and the mere observation and accompaniment during the growth of my sons and daughters, endowed me with a reference and empirical understanding of the basic movements of the body, of their education and spaces in which it moves. Like a child, a person affected by disorders in their movements, must be accompanied in a permanent exploration, not as for a child who explores their potential, but as for someone whose potential must conform to the limitations imposed by the disease, the body.

Geriatric Massage

After meeting John I was inspired to deepen my understanding of adults, the changes that occur in their bodies and the harmony of their movements. The work with John, who suffered from Parkinson's and had suffered a stroke recently, has allowed me to greatly value the deep relationship that is established between a person with a therapist, which allows the therapist to access untouched bodies, through overcoming stressful physical and moral barriers, which sometimes prevent the patients to reach a mental, physical, and spiritual stage where they can heal, where they can deeply understand what in their body changes and the needs of recreating behaviors.

Path of Therapeutic Touch

My professional experience working with predominantly immigrant agricultural workers together with the training in massage techniques along with anatomy and physiology, created an interest in exploring self-care practices by, with, and for agricultural workers who have some of the most deleterious effects from their work environment, yet have little access to healing.

Because of this, the idea of ​​a health self-care program seems opportune. Incorporating massage, what I call the path of therapeutic touch, has potential for improving blood circulation, toning the muscles, activating the lymphatic immune defense system, increasing metabolism and cellular oxygenation throughout the body as well as increasing knowledge of the human body. More importantly, it is a path of therapeutic touch that recognizes that the body has memory, that it grew and was educated in a society, that it is an exponent of a culture and, that it is immersed in a constellation of relationships.

Prices per massage sessions



Facilitates an environment where paths open for self healing and selfcare.

$8560 minutes


A therapeutic approach to facilitate an integral and holistic approach to your wellbeing.

$11090 minutes


A therapeutic approach to grow in a healthy or vigorous way.

$155120 minutes

On-site chair or/and table massage for your event!

Starting at

$3060 minutes

Extra fees might apply in case that the massage involves traveling outside of Gainesville, Fl.

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About your Therapist!

This is not just about me…this is about my path that brought me to help with your healing needs!

My approach to therapeutic massage can be summarized by what I call the “One Healing Path”. This form recognizes the social construction of the body and the need to listen to the social histories of each body through tactile communication. Once an encounter with this type of therapeutic massage begins, the memories that are stored somatically can be accessed. Therefore, my view of the body does not limit it to a chart of muscles indicating insertions and origins. Instead, the One Healing Path, highlights the cultural as well as emotional, physical, and spiritual connections in disease and in health. This social approach to the body is critical for healing the self, community and the planet.

Social approach to the muscle, by seen beyond the muscle movement, but through seen its restrictions, its divergences, thus is how we noticed the therapeutic path, which is not just physical, neuronal, neuromuscular, it is also social, cultural and spiritual.


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